A Deluxe Gourmet Stay in a secluded Highland Resort, merely one hour from Tokyo.

Karuizawa Hotel Bleston Court is a highland resort with over 50 years of history that has been long beloved by many famous men and women of culture.

The hotel is renowned for the fine dining experience of its main dining room’s 24-seat gourmet restaurant, the Bleston Court Yukawatan.

Come and enjoy an unforgettable gourmet stay at the refined Karuizawa high-end resort town where you can enjoy the beauty and the delicacies of the changing seasons.


There are 39 rooms in total, all nestled within a forest grove. The Designer’s Cottages, with their marble floors and airy white interiors, are perfect for couples looking for a quiet retreat. The Terrace Villas are cottage-like highland villas featuring their own personal terraces that are just right for a luxurious highland forest getaway. And last but not least, the cozy and comfortable log houses; the Standard Cottages.
These three types of rooms are all available to choose.

Designer’s Cottage

Designer’s Cottages are located adjacent to the Karuizawa Kogen Church. Based around the color white, rooms feature high ceilings, white marble floors, white walls, and glass. Furnished with King sized double bed that will ensure a comforatable stay in this extraordinary and calm atmosphere to soothe you.

Accomodates up to 2 guests,

Terrace Villa

The Terrace Villas located in a verdant area are, as their name suggests, cozy and spacious rooms with terraces attached. The interiors, decorated with earthy colored fabrics, have a calm atmosphere that feels connected with the outdoors.

Accomodates up to 2 guests

Standard Cottage

Resort-like log house style cottages. There are two types of room available: spacious twin rooms with two semi double beds and a living room, and family-oriented rooms featuring four semi double beds. The sofa spaces in the living rooms are just right for relaxing.

Accomodates up to 2 guests


Guests staying at the Karuizawa Hotel Bleston Court are free to enjoy meals at a casual Japanese restaurant, a soba noodle restaurant, wine bar, and more. Not to mention the unique main dining room, Bleston Court Yukawatan.

Bleston Court Yukawatan

Bleston Court Yukawatan is a small detached restaurant with 9 tables and 24 seats nestles amongst large trees.
Focusing on the careful selection of ingredients related to the inland location of Nagano.
The restaurant makes masterful use of the painstakingly cultivated products of at the mountains and rivers in the nearby area for their inimitable local gastronomy.
The high artistic sensibilities and attention to details of Japan can really be felt in the Yukawatan’s cuisine.

Price: 22,000 yen (Tax included) / Wine & Saké pairing menu starting from 12,100 yen (Tax included)
Service charge will be added to the price.
Hours: 17:30- (Reservation required.)
URL: http://yukawatan.blestoncourt.com/english
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No One’s Recipe

The French style breakfasts at the restaurant “No One’s Recipe” revolves around delicious buckwheat flour crepes. Seasonal vegetables, ham, cheese, and half boiled eggs serve as the toppings, and are marvelous when coupled with the hotel's recommended apple cider. A buffet is on offer for entrees and desserts, including tapas, soup, and pastries. An exquisite breakfast at this highland hotel to help awaken both mind and body.

Hours: 7:00-9:30 Last Order
Price: 3,520 yen (Tax included)
Service charge will be added to the price.

The Lounge

The Lounge, bathed in gentle light.  A delicious selection of genuine sweets are on offer to be enjoyed on the open-air terrace.
Forget about the time and enjoy the seasonal fruits prepared the best way to eat changes by season. Our special patissier are welcome to you with passion and well-selected ingredients.

Hours: 10:00-19:30 L.O (Depending on season)
Price: Afternoon Tea 4,950 yen(Non-alchol drink incl.) / (Tax included)
Service charge will be added to the price.

Sonmin Shokudo

The Sonmin Shokudo is a casual dining experience, whose name comes from the villagers of Karuizawa, which is known as the “Beautiful Village.” Set menus with seasonal ingredients are on offer. are good fit for a lunch time, and the a la carte menu in the evening is perfect with a glass of wine after relaxing at Tombo no yu.

Hours: 11:00 - 23:00 (Last orders at 22:00)
5 minutes by shuttle bus from the hotel


Karuizawa Hotel Bleston Court is nestled among trees above a hill in the vast Hoshino Area.
There are many beautiful and attractive places in this area.
Relax at the hot spring with over 100 years of history.
As well as paying a visit to the two churches of differing styles, more active visitors are recommended to try an eco-tour arranged by Picchio. Shopping and dining at the “Harunire Terrace,” with its harmony of nature and culture

Harunire Terrace

15 stores in total are situated in the grove of Harunire, which seems to have grown naturally from the clean streams of the Hoshino area, comprising 5 restaurants, 3 cafés and confectioners, 6 lifestyle shops, and 1 relaxation spot. A spacious wooden decked area stands as a public space built for a pleasant riverside stay .
Visitors are welcome to enjoy their takeout purchases ourdoor.

Hours: 8:00-23:00 (Differs according to stores and seasons)

Tombo no yu Hot Spring

An unforgettable Japanese hot spring experience.
The hot spring at the “Hoshino Onsen Tombo no yu” was first opened over 100 years ago. Interior baths heated by the hot spring and outdoor baths where guests can enjoy the changing seasons are on offer.  Located only 5 minutes by local shuttle bus from the Hotel.
* Hotel guest can enjoy the hot spring for free.


Take part in one of Picchio’s guided nature tours to enjoy the wildlife of the forest. Operating daily. The flying squirrel watching tours held from Spring to Autumn have a sighting rate of 98.1%, and in the wintertime a star gazing tour to enjoy the dazzling night sky is on offer.

Hours: 9:30-17:00 (Visitors’ Center)

Karuizawa Kogen Church

The Karuizawa Kogen Church adjacent to the hotel was founded in 1921. Soft light pours into this church based around the warmness of wood from large windows. The central garden in front of the church is beautiful in all seasons. Another church, Uchimura Kanzou Stone Church, created with Kanzou’s nondenominational thoughts in mind by the leading figure in organic construction, Kendrick Kellogg.

Karuizawa Kogen Church: 9:00-18:00 (except during ceremonies)
Stone Church: Open 9:00 -18:00 for visit on weekdays, except during ceremonies.

Karuizawa Hotel Bleston Court

Hoshino Karuizawa machi, Nagano Japan 389-0195
Tel: +81-267-46-6200